Curiosities at the beginning of the week: is dementia contagious? Biden reports 120 million corona deaths and the ZDF takes over the number

Joe Biden is obviously in the advanced stage of dementia, which the German “quality media” like to downplay with the phrase that he is a little “agile”. However, his dementia seems to be contagious, because today’s journal has quickly taken over the wrong information.

Corona should be a blessing for the Democrats in the election campaign, because every day that Joe Biden does not appear in public is a good day for the Democrats because he cannot make mistakes. And he makes a lot of mistakes.

For example, Biden announced at the end of June that 120 million people had died of corona in the United States. Anti-Spiegel readers could read this here on June 29 in a report by Russian television about the United States that I translated .

What was somehow funny and what anyone in the US can admire on TV – namely Biden’s embarrassing memory gaps – Trump didn’t find funny at all, because that was far from Joe Biden’s only “dropout” and his number would mean that a third of all US citizens had already died from Corona. Trump found out about this during an interview with Fox News and that was his reaction.

It is known that the German “quality media” are uncompromisingly on the side of Biden and would never report anything like that. But they seem to be so much on Biden’s side that they just repeat everything he says. However, you have to admit that they are very slow. It was only in early July that the journal reported today that 130 million corona deaths had already occurred in the United States (minute 14.08 to 14.20)

I wish you a good start into the new week!


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