Bill Gates is behind the outbreak of Coronavirus, which he planned in EVENT 201.

Bill Gates is behind the imposition of medical martial law.

Bill Gates wants to reduce the world’s population.

Bill Gates has killed tens of thousands in India.

Bill Gates wants to stick needles in our arms.

Bill Gates wants us to eat Monsanto’s frankenfood.


Bill Gates hires thugs, like Erik Prince, to target activists.

As he destroys our economy, our households, and our bodies, the billionaire controls the coverage of the coronavirus.

billgates microsoft

Bill Gates brainwashes our children.

common core curriculum

Bill Gates hangs out with rapists, pimps, and child molesters.

bill gates epstein flight log

Adolf Hitler could take a lesson in propaganda from Bill Gates.


It behooves us to learn about this degenerate.

Bill Gates India

James Corbett has made an excellent documentary:  Who Is Bill Gates?  You can watch it below.

From it, you will see:  Bill Gates wants to kill you!

Our enemy depends on silence.

bill gates 10


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