Two hours of live on Ukrainian television: Insider unpacks corruption of Biden and Poroshenko

In Ukraine Alexander Onischenko gave a two-hour interview to a TV station. Onischenko is the key figure that made the corruption of Joe Biden and Petro Poroshenko public after the Maidan. In the interview, new details of Joe Biden’s machinations against the background of the upcoming US elections became known.

Since the story may not be known to everyone, I will briefly go into the background. It is perhaps the most exciting political thriller of the past few decades, and the scandal surrounding corruption in Ukraine, alleged Russian interference in the 2016 US elections, and impeachment proceedings against Trump in the wake of the alleged Ukraine Scandal goes.

Going into all this in detail would go beyond the scope. Therefore, you can read a written summary of the scandal here. If you prefer to listen to it rather than read it, you can listen to it in this video from minute 24 .

In this article about the current interview, I can only go into the background very superficially.

The history

In a nutshell, it is about the following: Joe Biden was responsible for Ukraine after the Maidan when he was Vice President of the United States. And just two months after the Maidan, he got his son Hunter a job at Burisma, a Ukrainian gas company. Several criminal cases against corruption and money laundering were brought against Burisma. The owner of the group, Mr. Slotschevski, was previously Minister of the Environment of Ukraine and in this position granted his own company lucrative mining rights for Ukrainian fracking gas.

Hunter Biden has officially received $ 50,000 a month for his job, and has been to Kiev three times over the years. In addition, New York-based company Rosemont Seneca, in which Hunter Biden was involved, received at least another $ 900,000 in 18 months. In total, Burisma an Biden and other high-ranking Westerners who have received positions at Burisma transferred over 16 million in the first 18 months after the Maidan. The money was transferred in a very tortuous way, but the bank statements have been public since the end of last year .

At the same time, Biden Senior campaigned to end the Burisma investigation. In Ukraine, he made sure that the investigating Attorney General Shokin is fired. Joe Biden himself proudly told that in 2018.Joe Biden Admits to Getting Ukrainian Prosecutor who Investigated Son Fired

In addition, Hunter Biden had no qualifications for the job in Kiev, he knew neither the Ukraine nor the gas business. And he was addicted to alcohol and drugs at the time because he couldn’t get over his brother’s death.

But he was the son of the United States Vice President and got over 3 million in total for the job, and Papa Biden made sure the investigation against Burisma was stopped.

Who is Alexander Onischenko?

Alexander Onischenko was formerly a Ukrainian politician and businessman and he was Poroshenko’s right hand after becoming president. He was an insider and was responsible for a lot of dirty work, such as bribing MPs and the like. After his flight from Ukraine, he wrote a book about it called ” Peter the Fifth: The Real Story of the Ukrainian Dictator “.

In 2016, Onischenko fled from Ukraine to Germany after falling out with Poroshenko; in 2017, a German court refused extradition to Ukraine because Onischenko was apparently persecuted by Ukraine for political reasons. He then lived in Germany and Spain.

In May, recordings of phone calls between Biden and Poroshenko were released in Kiev, which showed the full extent of corruption and abuse of power during Poroshenko’s presidency and under Biden’s leadership. A week ago further telephone recordings were presented to the public, the details can be found here .

As we know in between, these recordings came from Onischenko. After fleeing Ukraine, he wanted to share his knowledge with the FBI in 2016, but refused to speak to him there. The phone recordings show that Joe Biden, in his position as U.S. Vice President, directed the FBI not to speak to Onischenko.

Onischenko was then to hold a press conference in the United States at the end of 2019 – meanwhile Biden was no longer in office – and present the recordings there to the public. At that time, the impeachment proceedings against Trump were at their peak and the telephone recordings would inevitably have exposed him as a farce.

However, Onischenko was lured to a police station in Germany, where he lives, on pretext and arrested there a few days before the planned departure to the United States. He was then held in German custody for six months, where the guards gave him alleged sedatives that led to competitive athlete Onischenko (who participated in the Olympic Games as a rider for Ukraine) undergoing heart surgery. What exactly was given to him in German pre-trial detention is unknown. The details of Onischenko and his arrest in Germany can be found here .

The interview

Onischenko gave a two-hour interview to a Ukrainian opposition television station on June 29, 2020. If you understand Russian and Ukrainian, you can watch the interview here .

A lot of interesting details became known in the interview. Therefore I will partially translate the interview. Above all, the role of Germany and the new knowledge about Biden’s machinations are very interesting in the story. But we proceed chronologically and according to thematic blocks, so we start with the role of Spain, where Onischenko lived first after fleeing from Ukraine.

Spain’s secret services

In the interview, Onischenko tells how he fled Ukraine and how his exile in the EU began. He is a well-known man in Ukraine and his escape made headlines in 2016. For Ukrainians only the details were new, his escape and many other things mentioned here are generally known in the country. Onischenko said about how he got to Spain (from minute 38 in the interview):

“I didn’t just go to Spain like that. You remember that I went to London first. Then the US secret services came up to me and wanted to talk to me. We met in London.
After the Spanish secret services got the information, they invited me to Madrid to talk to them. They were interested in Poroshenko, they had already started an investigation. It was about money that had come to Spain from offshore accounts.
Before he became president, Poroshenko was not as careful as afterwards when he became president. The money came from certain companies and was invested in Marbella, Poroshenko and his friends invested a lot of money in building land and real estate in Spain. And the Spanish investigative authorities were interested in that.
They invited me to Madrid, we talked and they wanted me to have information about Poroshenko’s finances. They said it was laundered, illegal money that was not taxed in Ukraine either. It was illegal money. Officially, everything was not registered on Poroshenko, but on Russians living in Spain. But they knew it was Poroshenko’s money. And she was interested in all of this.
They invited me to Spain, gave me refugee status and then a two-year residence permit. They took care of that.
I went to Spain and there were no problems with the authorities. Ukraine made an extradition request that was rejected and they also ensured that I was not put on Interpol’s wanted list.
Since I worked with the anti-corruption agency there, the government stood behind me and it fended off everything that Ukraine tried.
Poroshenko found out about this and then came to Spain in his position as Ukrainian president and signed a large contract with the government. It was about armaments for a billion.
It is interesting for every country to sell decommissioned weapons at a good price and so they decided not to protect me in return.
In return for the billion, Poroshenko demanded that I be handed over to Ukraine and that the Spanish authorities end the investigation against Poroshenko.
So the secret police asked me to talk, that’s a subdivision of the Guardia Civil. They said to me frankly: We can no longer help you, the government has received a very lucrative offer from Ukraine.
So they told me that they could no longer support me. I was the price of the deal, but since they invited me, they didn’t want to break their promise. And so they informed me that they would protect me until my residence permit expired, that is until May or June 2019, by which time I should have left the country, after which they could no longer protect me. “

When asked what happened to the billion dollar deal, Onischenko could not say anything. He did not know that, he could only reproduce what the Spanish secret service had told him.

Move to Germany

Onischenko then went to Germany, where he could also feel safe, after all, a German court had already refused to extradite him to Ukraine in 2017 on the grounds that it was political persecution.

In Germany, too, the secret services were interested in Onischenko, this time the BND. Onischenko said (from minute 71) in the interview:

“I was invited by the Federal Intelligence Service. It was a normal conversation.
Do you remember the uproar when it was said that I had applied for German citizenship? The story was that they would offer me German citizenship if I gave them all the phone recordings and documents about Poroshenko. I was told that I shouldn’t speak to the press about Poroshenko because Poroshenko is a friend of Mrs. Merkel’s. If I said that Poroshenko steals the aid that Ukraine receives from the West, it would be bad for Merkel’s reputation because she supports him in every way possible and because he is a friend of Germany.
I did not accept the offer. The conversation took place at the highest level. The then Vice President of the BND, Müller, held the talks with me. “

The arrest in Germany

Onischenko told at the beginning of the interview (minute 5) how he was arrested:

„Das war eine Spezialoperation. Ich wurde unter einem konstruierten Vorwand, den sich, so wie ich es verstehe, die Staatsanwalt ausgedacht hat, zur Polizei eingeladen. Daran haben wohl auch US-Dienste mitgearbeitet, weil ich zu der Zeit gerade das Visum für die USA bekommen sollte, um dort die Telefon-Mitschnitte auf einer Pressekonferenz zu präsentieren. Die Einladung hatte ich von Giuliani und dem Fernsehsender One American News bekommen, die Pressekonferenz sollte am 1. Dezember 2019 in Washington stattfinden.
Ich wurde als Zeuge in einer anderen Angelegenheit zur Polizei gebeten. Und als ich da ankam, hat man mir dazu praktisch keine Fragen gestellt, stattdessen haben die mir gesagt, sie hätten einen Haftbefehl gegen mich und ich sei auf Bitten der Ukraine verhaftet.“

He had not expected to be arrested, after all, a German court had refused to extradite him to Ukraine more than two years earlier.

It is also interesting how he should get the US entry visa. History shows how powerful the forces in the US administration that work against Trump are. The US president doesn’t even control all US embassies. Onischenko said (minute 89 in the interview):

“Giuliani asked me to receive the visa at the US embassy in Budapest. How I understood him depends a lot on which US embassy you are dealing with. There are messages where the people of the Democrats sit and there are messages where the people of the Republicans sit. Do you remember how Schokin was denied the visa when he was supposed to testify in the United States?
Because of this experience, Giuliani asked me to get the visa in Hungary and there was a letter saying that I should get the visa in the interest of the United States. “

Shokin was the Attorney General of Ukraine, whom Biden fired when he blackmailed Poroshenko: Either the Attorney General is fired or there is no money. At that time, Schokin had been investigating Burisma, the company from which Biden’s son had received millions. Later – already under Trump – Schokin wanted to testify about it in the United States, but the US embassy in Kiev refused to grant him a visa.

Prison conditions and poisoning in German prison

Onischenko was an athlete who participated in Olympic games. In prison, he was instructed to take “sedatives” and after a few weeks he was addicted to medication and had heart problems. In minute 7 of the interview, he tells about it:

“The JVA staff didn’t want to send me to the hospital. We had to write a lot of complaints, especially to the Ministry of Justice.
When it started, it was also a very strange special operation. There were 20 masked police officers from a special unit who took me to the hospital and also attended the heart operation. (…)
In the first month they gave me some medication in prison. I didn’t know what that was and I was told it was mandatory to take these sedatives. After two months I couldn’t live without the medication and my blood pressure went crazy.
I then refused the medication, which was like drug addiction. Then I came to the JVA hospital, where they were diagnosed with the wrong medication. I was then in the JVA hospital in Lingen for two months, where I was weaned from the medication. But my health was so bad that I got heart problems.
When I was back at Oldenburg Prison and complained of problems that I could not breathe at night due to heart problems, I was refused medical help. I made a request for a medical exam, but I was answered that we cannot help you, there is no doctor here and we are not calling anyone.
It went like this for three weeks. At that time, the correctional facility was largely isolated from the corona virus, contact with the lawyer was refused, but due to complaints to the Ministry of Justice, he managed to get an independent doctor to examine me. After his examination, I came to the cardiac center in Oldenburg, where I underwent heart surgery after further examinations. “

He did not come up with all of this, it is all documented and Onischenko’s lawyer is currently preparing claims for damages.

The arrest warrant itself was also questionable because a court had already refused to extradite it to Ukraine. He said in minute 74 of the interview:

“You were shooting, the arrest warrant was from June or July 2019. During that time, I took part in riding tournaments in Hamburg, Hagen and Mannheim and I am registered in Germany and have a house where I live. If there was an arrest warrant, why didn’t anyone come to my house and why didn’t anyone come to the tournaments? Where I was was public knowledge.
I was arrested in this strange way just before I was supposed to fly to America. I had a ticket to Washington on November 29th and on the 28th I was invited to the interview where I was arrested. ”

And in minute 35 he says:

“When the Attorney General of Lower Saxony proudly told how they lured me into the trap, my lawyer was shocked. My lawyer, Peter Gauweiler, was once a minister. It was all illegal from the start. This adventurous arrest was illegal, it was illegal that I should always have handcuffs on my arms and legs in the hospital, there was an instruction that I was only allowed to shower in handcuffs.
The German legal system has failed on many points.
And I still remember that members of the Green parliament complained and journalists laughed out loud when they asked the Attorney General of Lower Saxony: Why are you arresting Onischenko? Why do you arrest him if a court has already refused to extradite you? Where did you get your information from?
The public prosecutor answered, we don’t know anything, we’re getting our instructions from Berlin. “

A small digression would be necessary here, because in Germany the public prosecutor (and thus the judiciary) is by no means independent. In Germany, politicians decide who the public prosecutor issues arrest warrants against. The European Court of Justice also criticized this in a judgment last year. To explain that would go too far here, if you are interested in the details, read them here .

What it has to do with the US election

With the arrest of Onischenko in Germany, his testimony in the United States was prevented. At that time the impeachment proceedings against Trump were in progress and with his testimony and especially with the telephone recordings he would have burst the farce. This was prevented by his arrest.

In Minute 11 des Interviews wurde Onischenko nach den Gründen seiner Verhaftung gefragt und er antwortete:

“Look, they knew I had the tapes. I already had the tapes that are now being published. I had already told the US Attorney General about the tapes, and that worried Biden and Poroshenko. Biden’s son himself knew that I had the tapes. I was on the birthday of Slotschevsky, the owner of Burisma, in 2016, and there was Biden’s son. I was at the Monaco energy conferences that organized Burisma and Biden.
The American prosecutor Andrew Weissman came to me in Madrid and I am sure that the information I have on top has been reported. And we know from the telephone recordings that Poroshenko asked Biden to sweep the matter under the carpet. ”

And in minute 16 he said:

“Biden’s influence on the US investigative authorities is a crime. He didn’t smell that in America, especially since it was about corruption in the highest government circles. But he took advantage of his position as US Vice President, put pressure on it, and swept everything under the carpet.
In the United States, parliamentary hearings are now beginning on the tapes that have been released. As far as I know, they start in July and will really pick up speed later. A special investigator, such as against Trump at the time, is also to be appointed.
Now it’s quiet about it, because the United States is all about the unrest and the corona virus, but it will develop in September. I myself have been summoned there for September and should testify.
I think then Biden and Poroshenko will have a hard time pulling out of the affair because it is about influencing investigations. “

How Biden and Poroshenko diverted 1.5 billion

One of the most important domestic issues in Ukraine is gas prices. They were subsidized before the Maidan. In return for loans, the IMF has called for the subsidies to be abolished. Poroshenko has complied with this under pressure from Biden, as the telephone calls published in May have shown .

This is a disaster for the Ukrainians, because after the Maidan real wages have halved and are now at an average of 150 euros per month. But with the abolition of subsidies, the incidental housing costs have multiplied and are now at the German level. Many Ukrainians therefore have to decide in winter whether to eat or to heat. Therefore, it is one of the most important issues in the country.

Under Poroshenko, Ukraine was very proud to no longer buy Russian gas, but “European” gas. And that made good money, because the gas was more than 50 euros more expensive than Russian gas. Onischenko has now explained how this happened (minute 49):

“It was a very simple scheme. The Russian gas comes to the Slovakian border, at least according to the documents.
In fact, the reverse, i.e. the return of the gas, takes place in Ukraine; it only crosses the border on paper. The price is $ 50 to $ 100 per thousand cubic meters, and that is billed to companies controlled by the people Biden uses. The state Ukrainian gas supplier Naftogaz only has the task of paying the bills on time.
Ukrainian consumers pay these surcharges with their gas bills. ”

Elsewhere in the interview he calculated the sums involved: the parties involved were able to use the premiums to split $ 1.5 billion between them. Immediately afterwards (minute 51) Onischenko also had something to say about the use of the “earned” money:

“Of course they made a lot of money doing it. The money was also used for the 2016 US election. It is also used to fund the unrest that is currently taking place in the United States. 

I have to add a note here. Coincidentally or not, Black Lives Matter received well over $ 100 million in 2016 from Soros and other Democratic groups .

Onischenko further said:

“ This is the same scenario that the Democrats in Third World countries or Ukraine used to finance and direct the Maidan.
It is pure corruption. $ 50 to $ 100 are hit on Russian gas and they make a profit. The money is then withdrawn from Ukraine and used as you wish.
During my time in Europe I learned a lot of interesting things. Joe Biden is involved in many business projects. He not only has projects in Ukraine, but also in what he calls the third world. He is involved in many large oil projects, production, transportation and sales.
His son paid no taxes in the United States for the three million he received from Ukraine. That alone is a serious crime in the United States.
Another criminal offense is that Biden probably didn’t call Poroshenko over the official, encrypted lines. The Vice President and the President are only allowed to make calls on protected lines. If you have made calls over official and encrypted lines, all calls must be logged.
If you have made calls over unprotected lines, it is also a crime there. “

Since Onischenko is in contact with Giuliani, it is also interesting to hear how this information and evidence is now to be used in the US election campaign (minute 92):

“Biden’s polls are now rising, Trump is on the defensive. But you have to understand: Giuliani is a very experienced lawyer. Experienced lawyers always have a plan. He collected the incriminating material through Biden all the time. And he has a lot of material.
It is no coincidence that the telephone recordings have now started to be published. They come out in small doses every two or three weeks to the public.
Giuliani has the records of how US aid was washed for Ukraine and how it was used. He has all the transfers. That’s the most important.
Tapped calls are nice, but finance is crucial in the United States. I think he will use them in October so that the US legal system can file charges against Biden itself. Then Biden has no choice but to withdraw or lose his candidacy. Odes it gets worse and he is arrested. “

So it should remain exciting in the US election campaign.

What role does Selensky play?

The exciting question in all of this is what role the new Ukrainian President Selensky will play. He started out as a keen critic of Poroshenko, but Selensky’s policies can no longer be distinguished from Poroshenko’s policies, and Selensky’s promises to tackle corruption in Ukraine have vanished. Today, Poroshenko and Selensky are voting together in parliament for the laws that the IMF wants. These unpopular laws have already resulted in Selensky losing the absolute majority he won in the general election a year ago because many MPs have left his parliamentary group in protest. He only has a majority with Poroshenko.

Onischenko said in minute 25:

“Poroshenko has money and his people are still everywhere in the government, including the presidential administration. Selensky has no money and his party falls to pieces. So he needs money if he wants to keep the majority. It’s no secret that everything in Ukraine is regulated by money.
MPs get an additional salary, otherwise they would not vote for the laws that the President or the IMF wants. Or for the predatory laws to sell out Ukraine or whatever the West wants.
The thing is that MPs in their constituencies have to take responsibility for this in front of the electorate. Let it be $ 5,000 or $ 10,000 a month and they don’t even read the law, they just vote the way they want them to. “

You have to know that the average wages in Ukraine are currently below 200 euros. $ 10,000 a month is a real fortune to be able to withstand if you are not re-elected for your voting behavior after four years. In four years you can raise half a million dollars in this way, which is definitely enough for a carefree life in Ukraine. Especially since this is not the only income for MPs in the corrupt country.

The electoral system in Ukraine is also different than in Germany. There are many independent direct candidates who cannot come to parliament through party lists. These direct candidates in their constituencies have to answer for their voting behavior much more than is the case in Germany. But with sufficient financial support, there is no need to worry if you lose your mandate in the next election.

Asked specifically about Selensky and his politics, Onischenko replied in minute 63:

“The US embassy also has a major impact on Selensky today. This became particularly clear with the new attorney general. First, in her previous position, she complained that the Attorney General was rewriting the Poroshenko documents, and when she was appointed, she stopped the advertisements that she previously wrote.
Selensky has an impact on the Attorney General’s Office. If it does not investigate corruption in the oil and gas business, does not investigate the reverse gas mentioned, or investigate Poroshenko himself, it means that the President of Ukraine does not want that. This shows that he, too, receives instructions from the US embassy about who he can and who cannot. ”

The topic was taken up again in minute 100:

„Erinnern Sie sich an die Frau in Rumänien, die dort Generalstaatsanwältin wurde? Die hat innerhalb von einem Jahr für Ordnung gesorgt. Wenn also der Präsident sagt: Beenden Sie die Korruptions-Schemata…
Die sind doch alle offen und bekannt und jeder kennt sie. Die Schemata von Obl-Energa und Zentr-Energa sind alle noch aktiv. Die Leute werden ausgetauscht, aber das Schema ändert sich nicht. Alle wissen, wie und was da läuft, aber alle verdienen mit.
Wenn es den politischen Willen gäbe und Selensky der Generalstaatsanwaltschaft sagen würde, es gibt da nicht mehr Freund und Feind, nicht mehr pro-amerikanische oder pro-russische, sondern jetzt wird Ordnung geschaffen und eine spezielle Ermittlungsgruppe eingesetzt, dann könnte man in zwei oder drei Monaten für Ordnung sorgen.
Then there would be no more cash flows and the radical movements could no longer be financed. And we would have peace and order in the country. The president would just have to give the order. “

That is the most incomprehensible thing in Ukraine. In fact, all things have long been known. The trick with the reverse gas is known, Poroshenko’s corruption is known, all the other corruption schemes are known. And when the first telephone recordings by Biden and Poroshenko were published in May and June, the media reported about it.

But none of this really happens in the Ukrainian media. After short reports, the topics quickly disappear from the Ukrainian media and people are busy with other topics. In minute 22 Onischenko put it like this:

“See what happens. There is the press conference and the telephone recordings are published.
The media reported about it for a few days, then things went quiet again. There was no response, there were no consequences. The Presidential Administration is silent on this. The Attorney General is silent.
The Prosecutor General’s Office is only seriously following the Poroshenko investigation, which will be unsuccessful. ”

That is actually what is going on in Ukraine. After the telephone recordings were published, there were public and dutiful statements of resentment on all sides, but no one has taken any serious steps in Ukraine.

There are currently about 20 criminal cases against Poroshenko, but Poroshenko even takes the liberty of ignoring subpoenas from the public prosecutor’s office without any consequences.

The question is who will win the US election. If Biden wins, all of these scandals will go away quickly. The Western media are silent anyway and Ukraine is dependent on Washington. If Biden becomes president there, there will be no further revelations and certainly no consequences in Ukraine.

But if Trump wins the election, it will be very interesting in Ukraine.


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