WUHAN-GATES – 13. New Pandemic expected by Merkel… German stock exchanges speculate on Big Pharma of Gates partner PD

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio

«We must find ourselves prepared to handle a second wave of infections, which, however, if it ever happens, I don’t think will have the size and scope of the first. Predicting if and when there will be a second wave is a fortune-teller exercise rather than a scientist one, but it is possible that with the return of the colder months, in late autumn or winter, there may be a recovery because the virus still circulates in many countries of the world, as we see from the data of Latin America and India ».

This was said by Franco Locatelli, president of the Superior Health Council (Css) and member of the Technical Scientific Committee (CTS), during the Agorà broadcast , on Rai 3 as reported by Ansa Salute . It is a false claim.

I say it in no uncertain terms because if this site and I are sued we can at least bring before a public prosecutor those clues and evidence that attest to the construction in the laboratory of the SARS-CoV-2, also called by scientists the new CoronaVirus or Covid-19 to mislead the investigation into its genesis.

WUHAN-GATES – 12. EX CHAPTER 007 ENGLISH: “SARS-2 CREATED IN THE LABORATORY”. Here is evidence and photos of HIV tests

We have collected these data in 22 reports full of opinions not of “fortune teller” as those of Dr. Locatelli but of scientific studies. To date, 15 scientists of the world in 5 different researches argue without a shadow of a doubt that the virus of this cursed pandemic was built by biological engineers. Experts say that HIV genetic sequences have been inserted into it. This is detailed in 4 out of 5 studies as the latest, reported by the former head of MI6, the intelligence of the United Kingdom for operations abroad, has not yet been published due to the fears of a researcher.

Dr. Franco Locatelli, Dr. Walter Ricciardi, Italian representative to the World Health Organization and Advisor to the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, together with the minister Speranza, exponent of Free and Equal and graduated from the LUISS University named after the well-known Freemason Guido Carli, ignore and callidiously avoid any effort of investigation and research on the possible origins of SARS-CoV-2.

This is why the statement of the President of the Istituto Superiore della Sanità is a liar: because he lies knowing that he is lying, omitting in his sentences every reference to the existence of reliable and coinciding research on the true origin of the virus …


They are indeed well aware, by virtue of the experiments funded by the European Commission chaired by Romano Prodi in 2004 in the laboratory of the Wuhan Institute of Virology , that any in-depth scientific research could demonstrate a hypothetical link between today’s pandemic and the virus built even 16 years ago with a strain of CoronaVirus SARS-1 (the one that made 814 victims in 2003 in 26 countries of the world) infected with HIV in an experiment worthy of Victor Frankestein, made famous for his monster by the fantasy of Mary Shelley.

WUHAN-GATES – 9. TESTS: HIV inserted in a SARS virus in 2007. Thanks to the millions of EU Prodi Commission

But today we do not write about novels but about scientific literature, stubbornly and treacherously ignored, because those 4 studies of 13 scientists who today demonstrate the presence of traces of the AIDS virus (HIV-1) in SARS-2 take on not only suspicious weight , not only disturbing, but also devastating.

The question is so simple that it is child-proof: how can a new wave of pandemic be hypothesized if the first had really originated from a virus that had escaped or was intentionally released by a laboratory to create a biological war or promote the world business of industries pharmaceutical vaccines? You already know that someone will shoot a second time ???

If it were ascertained that it is of natural origin – something hypothesized in various ramshackle studies in which science assumes the not-scientific word of “probability” as mantra – one could well fear the so-called second wave announced in the Daily Mail by 30 world scientists.

WUHAN-GATES – 3. «CORONAVIRUS CREATED IN THE LABORATORY WITH HIV» Nobel Prize for Medicine confirms Indian research unveiled by Gospa News

But how could one foresee instead if the SARS-2 pandemic was caused by a laboratory virus, destined to attenuate precisely for its engineering construction as supported by Luc Montagnier, Nobel Prize for Medicine and researcher in China, who has tried l insertion of HIV sequences confirming the previous study of 9 Indian scientists and anticipating that of his compatriot and fellow bio-engineer ? How would it be possible in this case to predict the return of the CoronaVirus if not thanks to disturbing intelligence information kept hidden from people?

It would only be so if scientists who predict it were aware of information they claim not to know or conceal. It would only be if the scientists who are heralding the hypothetical return were intrigued with the business of the Big Pharma of vaccines.

WUHAN-GATES – 8. “SARS-2: GMO virus built with HIV”. Bio-engineer former NATO supervisor destroys “natural origin” thesis


It would be minimal and very reductive to blame some Quaquaraquas of that World Health Organization which, as supported by the American expert on bacteriological weapons Francis Boyle in our CoronaVirus 1 report and as demonstrated in WuhanGates 9, financed Wuhan’s experiments on the pathogen SARS-1 infected with HIV .

We therefore remain on the official notes of the nations implicated in this terrible deadly epidemic devastation. “German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron and four other members of the European Union have sent a letter to the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen to ask that the EU prepare for the next wave of the coronavirus pandemic” ANSA wrote on Tuesday 9 June .

“In a letter and in a policy paper the leaders write:” We hope that the paper will serve as an inspiration for further and fruitful European-level comparisons on how to ensure EU preparation for future pandemics “» adds the news agency Italian that for four months has insisted on ignoring the hypothesis of the laboratory virus and has not given prominence even to the interview of the former British intelligence chief Richard Dearlove, published by Telegraph, Independent, Daily Mail, Il Giornale, Il Mattino , TgCom24 to name a few, but ignored by big media.


This prophetic statement by Merkel on the second wave of the pandemic, which for Locatelli would be weaker but for other international scientists could be more lethal, reminds us of the prophecies that were of Bill Gates , main sponsor of the world vaccination project (regardless of safety and clinical trials of vaccines that do not require more than 18 months under a pandemic regime) and his collaborator Avril Haines, former deputy director of the Central Intellugence Agency during the administration of American President Dem Barack Obama , in the exercise on the pandemic from CoronaVirus organized by the John Hopkins Center in the USA in October 2019, therefore in very suspicious times.

Therefore, does the declaration of the Chancellor of Germany not become even more suspicious when it is discovered that on the local German exchanges in 2018 there was a great speculation on the titles of the pharmaceutical multinational GlaxoSmithKleine which is the world leader in vaccines?


London’s big pharma GSK is owned by American investment funds that speculate without restraint on the Arms Lobby , as demonstrated by the CoronaVirus 3 report , but it is also a partner of Saudi Arabia which funded the global immunization plan ( WuhanGates report 1 ) that brought the Gentiloni government to Italy imposed the obligation of 10 vaccines in school age with obvious huge revenues for GlaxoSmithKleine herself , administered by a CEO who is director of Microsoft, founded by Gates, as discovered by Gospa News .

WUHAN-GATES – 1. BIOARMA-VACCINE GOLD INTRIGHTS between China, Usa-CIA, Saudis and Big Pharma J&J – GSK

Thanks to the collaboration in vaccine research with the University of Queensland ( in that Australia which played a role in financing the first SARS-1 HIV experiments in Wuhan ) imposed by CEPI (Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations) always founded by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 2017, GSK has chances to distribute the SARS-2 vaccine in Italy and Europe as soon as it will be discovered thanks to Australian research or to the synergies that it has already started worldwide with Sanofi, Pentagon partner in dangerous experiments on viruses conducted by Fort Detrick’s IRF Frederick (WuhanGates 7).

In light of all this it is right to remember that GSK has incorporated SmithKleine ended in the investigation for bribes to the former Minister of Health Francesco De Lorenzo (sentenced together with the general manager Duilio Poggiolini) after which the vaccine against Hepatitis B was made mandatory in Italy.

WUHAN-GATES – 10. COMPLETE LOSCO: EU Summit with 4 NGOs from Gates, Big Pharma and FB before the SARS-2 Pandemic with HIV

In light of all this, it becomes much more than suspicious that in Germany, affected superficially by the pandemic from Covid-19, a maxi speculation had been started on GSK starting from June 2018 with hundreds of Certifikat, the notorious Derivatives at very high risk, on the local stock exchanges in Stuttgart and Frankfurt.

Just think that the investment of each Bond was equal to 1,800 GBp (British pounds) equal to 1998 euro at the current exchange rate but with a guaranteed result equal to 18 euro. The profit margin, being specified in the private deeds, is not known but it could also be 50 times the amount wagered due to the very high risk margin. These are over 719 bonds, of which over 363 Derivatives, some of which are recent and issued in France.

A rain of Certifikat on the German exchanges for GlaxoSmithKleine signed in June-December 2018

The objective of the Certifikat / Derivative is itself unknown. But just take a look at the performance of GSK shares to see the jump from March to June, going from 1,400 GBx (Penny converted sterling) to more than 1,600. This is why Chancellor Merkel’s prediction for a new pandemic becomes suspicious mainly because nobody wants to investigate the causes of the first wave of infections but resignation reigns supreme.

The growth of GSK shares during the pandemic

“We must not believe that this emergency is over: the emergency will end only when the vaccine is discovered and when it is produced in a sufficient way to make all the citizens who must be immune”, the emergency commissioner Domenico Arcuri appointed on RAI3 by the Conte Bis government supported by that same Democratic Party which strongly wanted the Lorenzin Decree of the 10 mandatory vaccines which indirectly enriching the GSK laboratories in the Tuscany Region, PD political stronghold of which the ex premier Romano Prodi was a prominent exponent, who as president of the European Commission he financed the dangerous SARS-1 tests with HIV.

Merkel’s prediction was lacking that could enrich the German stock exchanges by virtue of their speculation on GSK to make not only suspect but even ignoble and criminal this policy of the TeatroCrazia, as Plato would have defined it.


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