by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio

Finally, after decades of vague or difficult to document accusations, the conspiracies of the notorious Red Toghe come to the surface to quench that thirst for justice that burns in the throats craving for truth even more than in those hungry for political revenge.

That’s why with this report we open a new cycle of investigations into the PalamaraGate scandal that is causing the Italian judiciary to lose its credibility, raped by a history of infamous sidetracks even on the massacres of some judges such as Giovanni Falconi and Paolo Borsellino (less distant than how it may seem from the current scandals as we will soon see …).

A dripping of wiretapping has opened Pandora’s box of judicial corruption and shady plots such as to overwhelm and inflict terrible suspicions even on the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM), the governing and surveillance body of those judges and prosecutors who, as recalled in the other article, they have marked Italian political history in the past 20 years.

The invitations to dissolve this institution launched by the opposition parties to the Head of State, Sergio Mattarella, president of the right of the CSM, have issued an ambiguous statement in which he actually spreads his arms in a gesture of acclaimed impotence that appears even worse than his already long and embarrassing silence.

Today, 2 June 2020, instead of the feast, the death of the Italian Republic, already born under the bad stars of alleged electoral fraud in the referendum for the repeal of the 1946 monarchy and the unification of Italy pepretrated through the expedition of the A thousand warps by British Freemasonry (see article on Garibaldi ).

In fact, we cannot speak only of “conspiracies” between representatives of the Democratic Party (PD) and magistrates in relation to the latest revelations of a project to discredit Matteo Salvini, leader of the League, on the thorny and delicate issue of the ship Diciotti, symbolic epiphenomenon of that migrant emergency now epidemic for years for the coasts of the Italian peninsula.

Since Salvini was Minister of the Interior when he was targeted through a judicial investigation that forced him to resort to parliamentary immunity provoked by a political attack even planned by the former vice-president of the CSM Giovanni Legnini, already under-secretary in two PD governments, the technical name of that plan is a “conspiracy” as the Treccani encyclopedia clearly points out.

“Secret pact, and mostly confirmed by oath, between people who agree to overturn the ordering of a state and who represents it”.

A tangle of private messages between politicians and magistrates, intercepted by the Guardia di Finanza in investigations for corruption in judicial acts against the substitute Roman prosecutor Luca Palamara, gave birth to a position taken by the CSM against Salvini for his decision to delay the landing of the boat with illegal immigrants as a result of which the investigation for kidnapping of the former Minister arose.

He saved himself from the trial thanks to parliamentary immunity but thus ended up under “political blackmail” by the government allies of the 5 Star Movement enough to induce him a few months later to present a motion of no confidence against the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

After the crisis, Conte returned to the Government, on behalf of President Mattarella, thanks to the same 5-star MPs who allied themselves with the Democrats of the PD who had publicly criminalized the Minister of the Interior for the management of migration policies.

All this would be only normal political conflict if it had not been triggered by a member of the CSM like Legnini who would have had the task of supervising the impartial behavior of the magistrates and instead seems to have behaved like the conductor of a band of red robes, despite his role.

In fact, as vice president, he is delegated by custom to guide the Superior Council of the Judiciary by the Head of State who is the president by right.

It is even more disturbing to remember ( as prophetically mentioned in the previous article before these shocking new revelations) that the name of the former vice-president of the governing body of the judiciary emerged in the context of another investigation that culminated even with the arrest of two magistrates and who was a close collaborator of Palamara enough to choose him as a travel companion for an official mission in Argentina …


In May 2019, the scandal that we renamed PalamaraGate broke out. Luca Palamara, former president of the National Magistrates Association (trade union) thanks to the votes of his current UNICOST, former member of the CSM is investigated for corruption in judicial documents because he was suspected by the Prosecutor of Perugia of having received money and gifts to cover up the investigation into a friendly entrepreneur ( full story here ).

But in the context of the wiretapping initiated by the military of the GICO (Investigation Group Organized Crime) of Finance by inoculating a trojan in Palamara’s phone, even more serious things are discovered.

The magistrate, then investigated and suspended from duties without pay, made private meetings with other colleagues and representatives of the Democratic Party in which he discussed how to pilot the appointments in some strategic Prosecutors such as Perugia (owner of the investigation on himself) and Rome, where an investigation is pending for aiding and disclosure of official secrecy on the ex minister Luca Lotti, right arm of the ex secretary PD Matteo Renzi, in relation to some blow-outs on a maxi-investigation for bribes in CONSIP, the government company which manages the public administration’s billionaire contracts. Lotti is among the protagonists of those meetings in a Roman hotel which was also attended by Cosimo Maria Ferri, a judge on leave, a former undersecretary with the PD and today a deputy in this same party.

Palamara panicked and tried in every way to get an anticipation on the contents of the investigations against him and would receive some “spying” from authoritative colleagues of the CSM such as the then Attorney General of the Cassation Riccardo Fuzio and the councilor Luigi Spina , both investigated and induced to resign as three other members of the body of magistrates (Fuzio actually asked for early retirement).

A wave of mud swept Palazzo dei Marescialli, headquarters of the CSM, last May despite President Mattarella’s attempt to praise PG Fuzio for mitigating the magnitude of the scandal. The story was also fading because the Court of Cassation ruled on wiretapping with the Trojan considering them usable towards Palamara but not towards the co-suspects for the disclosure of office secrets for the usual Italian legal quibbles.

After 12 months, however, on April 22 last, the Prosecutor of Perugia filed the documents against the main accused for the notification of the closure of the investigations and, within them, hundreds and hundreds of messages between togas revealed in preview from the newspaper La Verità. Among them the disconcerting ones of Legnini.


«The first intercepted chat reported by La Verità is in the evening of 24 August 2018. Legnini writes to Palamara:“ Luca, tomorrow we have to say something about the well-known story of the ship. I know you haven’t heard from Valerio (the councilor of the CSM at altitude Area Valerio Fracassi – ed) Ai (Autonomy and independence – ed) has already made a press release, Area (the left-hand current of the robes – ed) agrees to take an initiative Galoppi idem (the councilor of CSM Claudio Galoppi – ed). Listen to them and let me know in the morning “” writes the ANSA agency on the case of the ship Diciotti for which Salvini ended up under investigation.

Palamara replies: “Ok, I’m ready too. I’ll call you later and I’ll update you. ” And Legnini: “Yes, but tomorrow morning you have to produce a note, in short something”. A minute later Palamara wrote to Fracassi: “did you talk to Gio (Giovanni Legnini – ed)? … what do you say, what do we want to do?”. The two meet for the next day. In the middle of the morning, this Whatsapp message arrives on Palamara’s mobile phone (no one says who): “We must hurry! I have already prepared a draft request. Before talking to the others, let’s agree it. “

The prosecuted prosecutor Luca Palamara and his colleague and friend Giovanni Legnini, vice president of the CSM and former undersecretary PD

According to what La Verità writes, at this point a round of consultations for the approval of the draft starts and in the afternoon of August 25 online agencies and newspapers beat the news that four directors of the CSM (Valerio Fracassi, Claudio Galoppi, Aldo Morgigni and Palamara himself ) ask that the Diciotti case be included on the agenda of the first plenum of the CSM, urging an intervention by the Council “to protect the independence of the judiciary and the peaceful conduct of investigative activities” in the face of “interventions from the political and institutions “which” by origin, tone and content risk adversely affecting the regular exercise of the investigations in progress “.

Shortly afterwards, again according to the reconstruction of La Verità, Legnini declares that the request will be dealt with in the first presidential committee, adding that “our goal is exclusively to guarantee the independence of the judiciary and the peaceful conduct of the investigations and judicial activity “.

A thesis denied by an article of the National Primacy : «As if that were not enough, always reports La Verità, Legnini and Palamara, at the time of the facts they also come into contact directly with the Prosecutor of Agrigento, Luigi Patronaggio, who opened the file on Salvini for kidnapping. “Dearest Luigi, he will also call you Legnini. We are all a hug with you”, Palamara wrote. The answer was immediate: “Thanks. He has already called me and made me very happy “».


The hard reaction of the leader of the League Matteo Salvini is inevitable against “the plots of Giovanni Legnini, vice-president of the CSM and under-secretary of two Pd-led governments, to intervene the Superior Council of the Judiciary in support of the investigations on the landing of immigrants from the ship Eighteen” .

In the previous article, in fact, we had already reported other interceptions which showed Palamara’s clear desire to attack the then Minister of the Interior that prompted Salvini in recent days and the high leader of the center-right opposition Giorgia Meloni, president of Brothers of Italy, to ask for the dissolution of the Superior Council of the Magistracy.

But the Head of State Sergio Mattarella replied with inconclusive diplomacy as stated by ANSA : «However superfluous it must be clarified that the President of the Republic moves – and must move – within the scope of the tasks and according to the rules established by the Constitution and by the reads and cannot dissolve the Superior Council of the Judiciary on the basis of its own discretionary evaluation ».

“However serious and unacceptable they may be considered, criminal proceedings and disciplinary proceedings are underway on the whole affair and any assessment by the President could be instrumentally interpreted as pressure from the Quirinale on who is called to judge in a criminal or disciplinary seat »adds Mattarella’s note.

The final statement of the Quirinale ventilates the risk of impunity for all in case of resetting of the CSM: “It is hardly necessary to remember that a possible dissolution of the Superior Council of the Judiciary would entail a slowdown, from unpredictable times, of the disciplinary proceedings underway against of the magistrates accused of the behavior disclosed, putting the timely conclusion in terms of the law concretely at risk ».


“It was a dutiful intervention, which falls within the competence of the CSM, carried out exclusively to protect the independence of the judiciary from other state powers, and which I would do in exactly the same terms” replied Giovanni Legnini in recent days, refuting every political conspiracy between Dem and toghe but forgetting when in 2016 he intervened to censor a member of the CSM, the ex-investigating magistrate in Palermo Piergiorgio Morosini, who allowed himself to criticize Matteo Renzi’s Referendum for a “risk of authoritarian democracy”.

«Attacks on government and parliament leaders are unacceptable. We demand respect for our duties, but in order to do so we must first of all ensure respect for the representatives of the state powers »declared Legnini to the Republic then before changing his opinion, two years later, to attack Salvini on the Eighteen case in a context of political conspiracy as it emerges today from other interceptions. Among other things, in an event in which there was a bitter divergence of views between the patronage prosecutor who instructed the practice and the prosecutor competent for the area who asked for the acquittal of the then minister .

«To defeat Legnini’s defense is a chat in which the CSM councilor, Nicola Clivio, appears hesitant in the face of the strategy of the then vice-president of Palazzo dei Marescialli. “But Giò (refers to Giovanni Legnini ed) is applying for Abruzzo. It would be important to know it given the air that pulls “, asks Clivio in Palamara on August 24, 2018. Palamara’s answer is not long in coming:” Still uncertainty “» writes Il Giornale instead .

«At that point Clivio replies:“ Ok. Because he asks us to say something about the history of the ship and we do it willingly but then it must not be said that he thus begins his election campaign. Is the pattern clear? ”. Palamara clarifies the situation with two messages: “Exactly everyone asks us too. I told him I have to think about it. It must be everyone’s reflection. ” And again: “To do this you need: 1. Request from all of us, 2. Covered also by new ones … Otherwise ours becomes a wand …” ».

Giovanni Legnini with the former President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano xhw wanted it to the CSM

The 61-year-old lawyer Legnini, originally from the province of Teramo (Abruzzo), is a historical comrade within the left, having passed through all the transformations from the Italian Communist Party to the PD from which he was appointed Undersecretary to the Prime Minister’s Office. in the Letta Government (2013-2014) and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy in the Renzi Government (2014), a role he held for a few months as the then President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano made him join the CSM as a lay adviser thanks to the vote of 524 parliamentarians.

On 30 September 2014 he was therefore appointed vice-president with 20 votes in favor, 3 blank ballots, one null and one missing (vote for another candidate). He held this position until September 2018 when he gave way to another colleague of the PD and then unsuccessfully candidate for the Presidency of the Abruzzo Region. He will therefore be appointed by the leftist government in the current role of Commissioner for the Reconstruction of the L’Aquila Earthquake.

From the moment of his assignment to the CSM he became independent in politics but, as the wiretaps prove, he remained at the center of the intrigues between togas and Dem until the end of his mandate during which the various investigations on the parents of the ex premier Matteo Renzi exploded in the media for fraudulent bankruptcies and false billing involving an entrepreneur who ended up in handcuffs in another investigation of corrupt judges among whom the name of Legnini will still appear for a party in the most sumptuous neighborhood of Rome.


«There is an investigation for corruption in judicial documents that starts in Trani, passes through Florence and returns to Puglia again. In Lecce. And from here it is projected into the rooms of power: Palazzo Chigi and the superior Council of the judiciary. The investigation has as its protagonists a magistrate, the former prosecutor of Trani transferred to Rome, Antonio Savasta, and an entrepreneur, Luigi Dagostino, partner of the father of the ex premier Matteo Renzi. The alleged crime is an exchange between the two: on the one hand Savasta who delays an investigation into Dagostino, on the other Dagostino who brings the magistrate from the then undersecretary Luca Lotti, to Palazzo Chigi, and then to a Roman party, at the Parioli , attended by the vice president of the superior council of the judiciary, Giovanni Legnini ».

The story does not come from a right-wing newspaper but from a left-wing one: Repubblica . He wrote it on June 29, 2018. A year before PalamaraGate broke out leading to the resignation of five members of the CSM and then dragging others into the mud of suspects with the revelations of the last few days on their disturbing conversations for a democratic state

«In the file arrived in Puglia there is the reconstruction of a story that began between 2014 and 2015, when Savasta is looking for a way to get transferred from Trani. And Dagostino, through a Barlettan lawyer friend of Savasta, Ruggiero Sfrecola, organizes two meetings that can be useful to him. The first at Palazzo Chigi, with the then powerful Undersecretary of the Presidency, Luca Lotti »again reports Repubblica on the prosecutor then transferred to Rome, where he was arrested for having also taken money from another businessman (Flavio D’Introno) for avoid a conviction for usury. The Lecce prosecutor asked Savasta for a 10-year sentence last January during the abbreviated trial.

The newspaper La Verità had already dealt with the matter, also in 2018, with an interview by the journalist Ilaria Proietti with Giovanni Legnini who had indignantly replied:

«I am very angry about this story. Not only for my good repute, but above all for the respect due to the Council, whose image of guarantee and impartiality in any way can be tarnished. In these 4 years I have carefully avoided any convivial meeting with magistrates subjected to disciplinary proceedings or interested in Council decisions concerning their career. This was my duty because I am responsible for the correct functioning of the CSM ».

At the time, however, the Prosecutor General Riccardo Fuzio and the Councilor Luigi Spina had not yet resigned due to the disclosure of official secrecy having disclosed to colleague Palamara very confidential information on the investigations against him initiated by the Prosecutor of Perugia.

Precisely by virtue of their role within CSM, concerned by the disciplinary implications of the matter, the two magistrates had come to know of the file: but not of the trojan inoculated by the Finance investigators in the Palamara smartphone that allowed to intercept even the confidences of Fuzio and Spina putting them in trouble.

This took on considerable gravity precisely because in Palamara’s meetings to manipulate the appointments in the Rome Prosecutor also the ex-judge Ferri, now deputy Dem, and the ex-minister Lotti, investigated for the CONSIP case together with the father of Renzi who was secretary of the PD who supported Parliament’s appointment of Legnini as member of the Superior Council of the Magistracy.

The meeting at Parioli with the entrepreneur Dagostino and the magistrate Savasta, both then arrested, was decidedly downplayed by Legnini himself as evidenced by the statements reported by the local media Il Capoluogo .

“It was a dinner standing at the home of a former journalist of mine who attended about thirty people. In no way did I know of the presence of either Dagostino or Doctor Savasta. I didn’t know them and nobody had informed me of their presence, otherwise I would certainly not have gone. I didn’t speak to them, except for the presentation pleasantries. Savasta himself told your newspaper that I greeted him coldly. “

The prosecutor was then transferred to Rome by provision of the CSM (resolution of the Plenum of 18-1-2017) as requested by him “in order to remove any incompatibility situation” after a previous tough request by the Attorney General of Cassation, to his he then turned to help Palamara. It should be pointed out that Legnini has never been made any contestation, neither criminal nor disciplinary, for that at least inappropriate banquet.


Until proven otherwise, it is therefore necessary to believe that Legnini would not have had a direct knowledge of Dagostino until then who instead was in very close confidence with Renzi’s parents to the point of involving them in an outlet deal and then compensating them with a maxi-fee for a 160 thousand euro consultation, considered by the fictitious judicial authority and therefore attributed to false invoicing which in October 2019 cost them the sentence of one year and 9 months in the Court of Florence .

Both of these are mentioned in the documents for the arrest of Savasta and other professionals: «According to the contents of the order, the lawyer Sfrecola received money from the businessman Luigi Dagostino, king of the outlets and former partner of Tiziano Renzi and Laura Bovoli, money to be shared with Savasta who was precisely investigating for false invoices relating precisely to the companies of Dagostino and who would then adjust the investigations in his favor, committing “multiple acts contrary to the duties of the office” “wrote Il Fatto Quotidiano in relation to four bribes for a total of 53 thousand euros.

But this would obviously have happened without Legnini’s complete knowledge that he never confronted Palamara even about Lotti’s case, apprehensive about the choice of the new prosecutor in Rome where the investigation into the Consip in which he is being investigated was pending .

Nevertheless, the close collaboration that led them to go together in Argentina for a mission of representation of the CSM for a meeting with the Minister of Justice German Garavano at the Embassy of Italy in the presence of Ambassador Teresa Castaldo, and at the Supreme Court of Justice , by the President Riccardo Lorenzetti.

«The trip ended with a visit to the” Consejo de la Magistratura del Poder Judicial de la Nacion “where Vice President Legnini and Councilors Morosini and Palamara presented the key points of the self-reform of the CSM, highlighting the points of contact between the Council Italian and Argentine and have offered concrete support in the training of magistrates » reads the report published on 29 September 2016 on the official website of Palazzo dei Marescialli .

The outcome of that self-reform, as it is now sadly known, was the PalamaraGate that led four members of the CSM to resign and the PG Fuzio to early retirement for the consequences of the investigation into Palamara for corruption in judicial acts and illicit influence in relation to some appointments.

“He was a very influential magistrate and was the de facto leader of a current. On important decisions, we often disagreed. But I met another Palamara, certainly not the one of the conversations that have been made public, which surprised and embittered me in terms of tone and content “declares Legnini today in an attempt to distance himself from another embarrassing chat between the two.

In fact, Legnini invited him to take action to “guide the group’s line” of Repubblica. «I would like to contextualize – he defends climbing on Legnini glass in an interview taken by Libero Quotidiano – We are at May 29, 2019, Repubblica had told the first results of the Perugia investigation. Palamara said he was the subject of a sort of conspiracy. And I was wrong to believe him. He asked me how he could bring out his version. He seemed like a destroyed man and I declared myself available to help him. But I certainly used an unhappy phrase. “

«Giovanni Legnini is a party man, who used the institutional role of vice-president of the CSM to incite prosecutors against the then Interior Minister Matteo Salvini. What emerges from the interceptions published by La Verità is disconcerting. At this point, Legnini immediately left the role of extraordinary commissioner for reconstruction. It has helped to demolish the credibility of the CSM, stay away from our regions “. Instead, parliamentarians Riccardo Marchetti, Lega Marche commissioner, Virginio Caparvi, Lega Umbria secretary, Francesco Zicchieri, Lega Lazio secretary and Luigi D’Eramo, Lega Abruzzo secretary wrote in a note.

But in the end, according to the person concerned, it seems only the festival of unhappy sentences. Too bad that in the middle there are judicial investigations involving politicians of the PD, others their opponent of the League and others involving magistrates ready to show off their red robe soul, to spend hours studying strategies to attack Salvini on migrants or to meet secretly to pilot the appointments in the prosecutors who had burning files in their hands.

In the midst of this storm of scandals, the vice president of the CSM, as well as the president Mattarella, did not notice anything and on September 27, 2018 he left the position to make room for his successor Davide Ermini, also a lawyer, also former Democratic Party deputy in a perfect line of political succession within the surveillance body on the increasingly red robes. By now mostly of shame.


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