New revelations against Biden and Obama: US election campaign 2020 will be the most scandalous in history

Even if there is hardly any report about it in Germany, the US election campaign will probably primarily revolve around “Russiagate”, “Ukrainegate”, “Obamagate” and “Bidengate”. In fact, all of these scandals are a major scandal, which is constantly being “fed” through the revelations from Kiev and Washington.

I have already reported extensively on the revelations from Kiev, where telephone recordings of the then US Vice President Biden and the then Ukrainian President Poroshenko were published a week ago. Since the press conference in Kiev was only understandable for “experts in the matter”, I wrote a “short summary” of the chronology.

The biggest scandal since 9/11 or Watergate

Since the scandal is so complex with all its main and secondary locations, with the many – for most unknown – names and with the complicated structures, even the “short summary” is very long and difficult for many to understand. Anyone who still wants to try the “heavy food” can find the “short summary” of the chronology here . (And yes, I love such complex topics, which is why I have always reported in great detail on the scandals mentioned, which are in fact a major scandal, and will continue to monitor the topic very intensively, even if all the details for some readers ” are too much “, as I have already written. But for me this is by far the most fascinating and greatest scandal, at least since 9/11)

Now there are new revelations from Washington, where internal FBI documents have been made public that provide insight into how an investigation into Trump’s alleged connections to Russia actually took place at the time. They were a component of “Russiagate” and the Mueller report showed this year that there was nothing wrong with all the allegations.

Following the publication of the Mueller report, Trump has called for an investigation into how the FBI could begin such an investigation, apparently without any reliable evidence. ( I reported about it at the end of April 2019 ).

This investigation is not being led by a Trump supporter, but by the well-known prosecutor John H. Durham, who has made a name for himself by breaking up mafia rings and investigations into torture by US soldiers and who is now a special investigator is active in the matter. Its first interim results were announced at the end of 2019. I reported in October and November 2019 that there was initial evidence of FBI misconduct in initiating the investigation into Trump and his team.

These clues are now further reinforced and confirmed by new documents that have been made public in Washington and make headlines there. Evidence is growing that the Obama administration has used federal agencies to sabotage Trump’s campaign. According to former FBI directors, no investigation should have started based on the materials available at the time (and – see Mueller report – did not lead to any results).

If that were true, it would mean that the Obama administration was illegally using federal agencies like the FBI to hinder Trump’s campaign and support Obama’s party friend Clinton. That would be a far greater scandal than Watergate. At Watergate, Nixon still had privately hired little crooks do the dirty work, Obama seems to have used the FBI right away. That is why “Obamagate” is already spoken in the United States, even if the Democrats, of course, reject this far from themselves.

The general question is why Trump is not yet using the revelations about Biden’s apparent corruption in Kiev. The answer should be obvious: If Trump were to tackle Biden head-on now, there would be a risk that the Democrats would still cancel Biden’s candidacy under some pretext and pull another candidate out of the hat. Trump cannot want that, because Biden with all his bodies in the basement would be the easiest opponent for Trump that he could wish for. Therefore, Trump largely remains silent until Biden is officially set up as a candidate, after which the scandals over Biden should hit like a wave.

Timing is everything

Timing is an indication of this. The Republicans have scheduled Obamagate hearings this summer. The hearings are scheduled to end in late October. The Durham report will also be presented at the end of October. In late October, these two reports would headline the headlines just days before the election, which should be fatal to Biden.

So if the Democrats didn’t send Biden into the race for the presidency, all of this “ammunition” would suddenly be worthless to Trump. That may be the reason why Trump’s environment is so suspiciously silent about the Kiev revelations that are bothering Biden: Trump does not want to give the Democrats an excuse to take Biden out of the race at the last moment.

What exactly became known in the United States?

The Russian news agency TASS published an analysis of current developments in the USA , which I briefly outlined here. Since TASS summarized the details of current developments in the USA well in my eyes, I translated the report.

Start of translation:

“Storm in a water glass” – The FBI investigation against Trump had no basis

Former FBI deputy director Kevin Brock investigated the FBI memo that began investigating alleged connections between Trump’s campaign team and Russia. In particular, he noted that the document did not meet the “minimum requirements traditionally used to initiate criminal investigations or counterintelligence investigations”.

New documents are becoming public in the United States that were used four years ago to persecute people from Donald Trump’s inner circle, and which, conversely, are now used by Trump’s supporters for the scandal called “Obamagate”. At the end of last week, the conservative organization Judicial Watch published an FBI memorandum that launched an investigation into alleged links between Trump’s campaign team and Russia. Experts who have read the memo believe that there was no reason to start an investigation.

Judicial Watch received the FBI document after it sued the U.S. Department of Justice under the Freedom of Information Act to release the document. It is a report by FBI official Peter Strzok dated July 31, 2016, which was the starting point for Crossfire Hurricane . The FBI investigation against Trump’s team for alleged connections to Russia was codenamed ” Crossfire Hurricane “ ).

All from third parties

The circumstances of the political storm that hit Trump’s election campaign were already well known, but for the first time a memo from the FBI’s Counterintelligence Department became public. The document throws new light on the investigation and shows that it “should never have started,” according to Washington’s Just the News portal. According to him, the case was based on “assumptions” by third parties and on “weakest suspicions”.

At the time, George Papadopoulos, Trump’s foreign policy advisor who positioned himself as an energy expert, was at the center of the FBI-triggered “hurricane.” In the spring of 2016 while in the British capital, he heard from Joseph Mifsad, a professor at the London Diplomatic Academy, who had just returned from Moscow, that the Russian government was said to have emails that compromised Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. A few days later, Papadopoulos told another friend, the Australian ambassador to London, Alexander Downer, about the professor’s revelations, who then informed the Americans about his government.

At that point, WikiLeaks had already published the stolen emails from Democratic National Committee staff and the FBI was beginning to search for the culprits, guided by the traditional question: Cui bono – who benefits? The FBI was targeting not only Papadopoulos, who later admitted to making false statements under oath, but also other people on Trump’s team. However, no agreements could be found between them and Russia, as special investigator Robert Mueller later confirmed in his report .

“Document number one”

At first glance, the FBI’s investigation into Trump’s advisors may seem logical. However, experts are convinced that it was started in disregard of the most important rules applicable in the federal authority and therefore raises many questions, if not suspicions.

After reviewing the document declassified after the lawsuit, former FBI deputy director Kevin Brock found that it lacked the most important thing: factual evidence of a possible violation of the law. The expert emphasized that it did not meet “the minimum requirements traditionally imposed when initiating criminal investigations or investigations into counter-espionage”. According to him, “it seems that it was created in a great hurry.”

In addition, Brock, who previously headed counterintelligence, pointed out that Strzok first drew up the memorandum and then approved the start of the investigation. He restricted access to documents only to “those involved in this case” and cut off other FBI staff. This only reinforces the suspicion that the investigation was politically motivated from the start. It had previously become known that Strzok referred to Trump in 2016 in personal correspondence with his girlfriend as “fool” and assured her that he would not become president.

When asked if Brock, as deputy director of the FBI, had approved the start of such an investigation, Brock replied, “Never in my life. I wouldn’t even have approved her as the head of the task force. It would have caused concern in any FBI unit because it did not meet our standards of factual evidence, ”said the former intelligence officer.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton agreed, saying that “the Obama administration had no reason to launch the unprecedented espionage operation against the Trump campaign. Now there is new evidence that Crossfire Hurricane was a scam based on absurd rumors and speculation. This document is number one in Obamagate, the worst corruption scandal in American history, ”argued Fitton.

A trap for the Democrats

The last sentence from the Judicial Watch chairman is an almost verbatim repetition of a Trump tweet a few weeks ago after Obama spoke unflatteringly about the current government’s efforts to fight the coronavirus pandemic. That a president openly criticizes his successors, even if they belong to a different party, is not in line with American traditions, and Trump’s words of retaliation were enthusiastically received by his followers. “Obamagate” refers to the investigation of Trump’s alleged ties to Russia. Republicans believe that Obama and his federal supporters first disrupted Trump’s campaign and then sabotaged his first steps in the White House.

Politico believes that Trump is using Obamagate to try to trap the Democrats again. In doing so, he follows the tried-and-tested pattern: he makes a provocative statement, waits for the reaction of the political opponents, and then does everything to break a violent argument about it and accuse his opponents of all possible deadly sins. The Republicans now want to take former Vice President Joseph Biden, Trump’s likely rival in the November elections, into a headlock and turn the scandal into an “Obama Biden Gate”.

At the same time, they plan to hold a hearing in the U.S. Senate this summer to investigate how the FBI carried out Operation Crossfire Hurricane and whether Mueller’s investigation, which swallowed more than $ 30 million in two years, could be initiated. The Senate Judiciary Committee plans to end the hearings by October, i.e. until the election. At the same time, special investigator John Durham’s report on the subject, which is being investigated on behalf of Justice Secretary William Barr, is expected.

Unsurprisingly, the Democrats now accuse the Republicans of a “witch hunt”. In response, Republicans recall the attempt to overthrow Trump, the Mueller investigation, and Crossfire Hurricane. Attempts to find the truth are lost in the mutual allegations dictated by party interests. The tug of war is likely to continue after the presidential election.

Moderators of popular TV shows in the United States have often made fun of the FBI, which gave this investigation its sonorous name in 2016. The name “Crossfire Hurricane” comes from the Rolling Stones hit “Jumpin ‘ Jack Flash “ ). They were reminiscent of lines from the Rolling Stones song, including: “You can’t always get what you want”, translated: “You can’t always get what you want.”

End of translation

Translator’s note: When I translate texts, I first have them translated by Google or Microsoft’s translation programs. These translations are very incorrect, but it is much faster to correct these errors than to translate the texts completely yourself. When translating this text, I noticed something very interesting: Both translation programs, for example, translate the word “Obamacare” even if it is not used in Russian texts in English or in Russian translation, but appears in Cyrillic spelling (Oбамакер). The Cyrillic phonetic spelling was thus inserted into the vocabulary of the translation programs by someone.

In this text of the TASS the word “Obamagate” appeared several times, in the Russian original, however, in Cyrillic phonetic spelling as “Обамагейте”. But Bing and Google Translator don’t make it “Obamagate” or an error message in the translation, but rather “Obamacare”. Try it yourself and copy the Cyrillic word Обамагейте into a translation program.

The word “Obamagate” is already well known in the United States, but apparently Google and Microsoft do not want it to appear when translating from Russian, so the translation is falsified by the incorrect translation. It is unclear whether this is the intention or a mistake of the programs, it is interesting in any case.


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