“Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind”, a Must See!

“Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind”, a Must See

Commentary by: TLB Staff Writer Lucille Femine

How about something a little different for once … I have recently been introduced to John Mappin, an exceptional freedom fighter and his lovely wife, Irina, on his YouTube channel, Camelot Castle, in the UK.

Recently I watched his two hour interview with Dr. Greer, a medical doctor and longtime researcher into extraterrestrials and UFOs. Not surprisingly, it was taken down, though many of John’s other videos remain. Actually, the video never came up with the black screen saying it “violated community standards”. It simply vanished. Hmmm.

I speculated on why this specific one was taken down and I think it is because it goes beyond the truth level most of us are aware of regarding the actual sources of oppression these days. Dr. Greer delves deeply into the matter of UFOs and the beings who inhabit them and from his own personal experience, starting at age 17 or so. He talks with some emotion about their superior nature and the fact that they are not here to harm us.

That last statement is a complete opposite, of course, from what we have been fed for years, maybe centuries about how “dangerous” they are. Even many movies made dramatizing that. In fact, he discusses the evil plan to create a false flag, as a final act of destruction, in scaring the hell out of us with holographic spaceships, not real at all. That was a shocker. They were created before for the same insidious reason.

He explains the meaning of close encounters of one through five, which I never bothered to understand. (he explains them) The fifth one is the most fascinating – it means an actual communication sent TO an extraterrestrial and received. I assume these are wordless and Dr. Greer says they defy the limits of space, a much more evolved level of communicating.

He talked about Roswell and at least one other incident where these spaceships were shot down by our government and of course, never revealed as such. He makes a point that these beings also never retaliated and goes on to say they are waiting for us to be “civilized”. Many of us have been waiting, too.

This video is about spirit, the ultimate in knowledge.

Okay, so I can’t put the video here but I did watch the film, available on Youtube to rent or buy or on Amazon for $4.99. It used to be free.

The movie, in my view, transcends many of the physical world solutions to our current crisis, While it’s most important to join together in peaceful protests, write ups to our legislators, governors, the president, whoever will listen and take action, what Dr. Greer has done and continues to do is profound.

In regard to this, a note on Roger Landry’s message in his last podcast, (I paraphrase) he warns that any spark of violence in protest will set off Marshall Law. And that will be the law of the land, the end of us and our country, the greatest one ever and the very symbol of freedom.

The documentary shows Dr. Greer on his travels throughout the world with groups of people as they sit on mountaintops or similar environments meditating in order to draw extraterrestrials – which they do.

They achieve the fifth encounter level of communication, able to say things to them and get responses. It changes lives dramatically, as many of them attest. He goes on to say you can do this by yourself and after a while of practice, you can be in touch with these awesome beings. Even attract them into your room!

In all the years he has been doing this with others, he says, no one has ever been harmed and, in fact, benefitted. He says if a small percentage of us did this consistently, the rest of humanity would benefit.

The way I interpret this is to simply stop thinking and worrying, to quiet your mind in any way you see fit and that works for you. This will put you in touch with others, with or without words, far better than any mechanical means of communicating. The real you will emerge in a happier, more productive state.

This will spread a “virus” of joy and peace. When I think of this level of true spiritual communication that transcends time and space, I realize what a joke this “social isolation” really is. While it’s a tragic thing to physically separate us, it can be considered a feeble attempt when we could possibly do the above. And through this highly advanced method of reaching each other, physical alienation will eventually be overcome by our own quiet efforts and not by the corrupt governments and their bully allies. In fact, what if some of them would change their ways?

Do I think these extraterrestrials will save us? Probably not. We can and should learn from them but we are ultimately responsible to save this planet and ourselves. It’s the only way. By putting aside the hate, worry and fear and adopting our true, vast spiritual strength, we can win.

What I get is these alien beings are not here to rule or dominate us, even benevolently, but to help us overcome our own stupidity and lack of awareness. We CAN do it ourselves. We don’t need to go sit on mountaintops. We can just talk to each other for real.

But I would love to talk to them, too!


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