Vaccine manufacturers, government agencies, and financial institutions are integrated into a large industry that constantly pushes the “pandemic” switch to carry out a global vaccination program. This is how this abominable scam is carried out, which has been repeating itself year after year with different names … SARS, Ebola, Zika. Avian influenza, Swine influenza, Coronavirus.

The majority of the uninformed population reacts according to their programming in the key of fear.

It is fully established that fear can trigger a withdrawal into the mind, a fall of the intellectual coefficient and a reflexive obedience towards authority. This is carried out as follows:

1- Deliberately poison the population to create a disease that would never occur naturally or by chance.

2- Represent the disease as something out of control or knowledge of the average person. 

3- Create a vaccine or toxic medicine that has always been intended to send people to the grave prematurely.

4- Repeat it as many times as necessary on an uninformed population, which will end up lining up to be inoculated with the deadly poison that the health authorities decree.

In the end, these eugenic operations are carried out en masse and in full view of everyone.

The Global Alliance for Vaccination and Immunization (GAVI), funded in part by the UK government, has many representatives of the pharmaceutical industry on its board of directors. This group is the one that sets the price of vaccines and stimulates the ID2020 demand. Meanwhile we have the ID2020 alliance (between Accenture and Microsoft) that was launched as an initial grant from the Rockefeller and Bill Gates Foundation, which aims to give each being human on earth a “digital identification” How do you plan to achieve such a feat? Combining “mandatory vaccines” with “implantable microchips”

ID2020 is a numerical identity program that aims to “take advantage of vaccination” as a way to insert tiny microchips into people’s bodies and is being done with the collaboration of GAVI according to the United Nations 2030 program that is, the United Nations policy for total control of the world population.

If after knowing this information you still think that with a simple mouth mask, applying antibacterial gel or using disinfectants you can cope with this pandemic. … you are not aware of what is at stake.

They have programmed to enslave or eliminate you.

You decide what your role will be.


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