About a decade ago  David Rockefeller  explained to the  United Nations  why only the decrease in population would save the planet.

But a few months earlier, to understand who to invite the various world leaders ( Bilderberg, Trilateral ) to speak , David Rockefeller, Bill Gates,  Frederick Taylor Gates ,  George Soros , Rothschild and others had opted for a convivial, a sort of  symposium for thinkers of the power . A great opportunity to finally discuss how the relationship between money and labor could be reviewed . It is not a mystery that for Bill Gates the remuneration in money, which allows individuals to choose consumption, must be based on a specialist discrimination, with a single world electronic currency and controlled by a single global body with fiscal, banking, monetary and financial powers. regulation of the financial market. Incumbence that Gates, Soros and Rockefeller would like to entrust to a structure of the  International Monetary Fund . But, if only beyond a certain specialized level it would be paid in  electronic money , under that limit the workers would have a points card that allows access to certain consumer goods set by a universal basket.

In fact, this discrimination would allow employers (who would enjoy the ease of  global electronic money ) to constrain the choices of goods acquired by the most humble workers. Among the co-opted by power, at that Bilderberg conference of a decade ago, also included  Gianroberto Casaleggio  (father and ideologist of  the 5 Star Movement ), who naturally explained to his Italian followers the importance of a  direct democracy based on “open software source ” , idea borrowed from Bill Gates-thought. Like the fixation to make the whole currency unique and electronic. In fact, the ” Citizenship Income ” is the youngest child of that ” sustainable poverty“Which would allow all the most humble workers, the most deprived, the” irreversible “poor … to have access to a points card on which employers and the world banking government would pay (according to percentages) the sufficient amount to draw on certain primary goods need. A situation that would hardly allow the individual to emerge from a sort of subsistential limbo. But from time to time the ” world power ” would intervene a sort of ” dripped economy ” capable of rewarding the most deserving, inserting them in training and then in paid work with electronic money and no longer with points: this would allow them a choice of goods less conditioned.

Bill Gates was the ideologue of this  economic-value scale  that gives life to  cryptocurrencies , convinced that only Microsoft’s wisdom can avert  money laundering , tax evasion and  terrorist financing . Bill Gates is the holder of the US patent (recognized by  the World Bank ,  Federal Reserve  and  Monetary Fund ) of  virtual minting of the digital currency . The patent also makes quick mention of how cryptocurrency would be distributed to people, and based on their bodily activity: the famous discrimination that divides humanity between paid in vouchers and those in electronic money. There  Bill Gates’ Microsoft worked on this project with the applause of the powerful of the earth. The American multinational has filed for a patent to develop a digital currency linked to people’s physical bodies, which should all be tracked and priced on a per-utility basis.

Many will wonder what difference there is with the  euro and the dollar . Cryptocurrencies are based on principles opposed to traditional currencies. They are based on blockchain technology  : that is, interconnected block chains. Within these chains there is a sort of large accounting book (the ledger) that reports all the transactions carried out by users: anyone wishing to create  bitcoins  from nothing could do it, but only by extracting bitcoins from the transaction chain. And here Microsoft gets in the way, because the operation is decentralized but controlled, like the free thoughts that we believe to manage in social networks, only to realize that they can delete them, or even make the user disappear. Microsoft’s idea is a cryptocurrency connected to the human body , which interacts directly with the living being, a bit like the clock of the coin in the film “In Time” (in the film the state of monetary poverty corresponds to biological death) . The classic example that Microsoft uses, to determine the watershed between meal tickets and coins, is based on the brain wave or body heat emitted by a user in the moment in which he performs the task assigned by a server supplier or by an employer of work. So watching advertising or using some  Internet services  can generate cryptocurrency mining processes.

In fact Bill Gates has filed a project that allows him to obtain a monopolistic role on computational calculation for the single electronic world currency . The centralized system of Microsoft is thus a candidate to create currency detects from people’s bodily activities, then to distribute money (or vouchers) based on the tasks performed by the person himself. Gates’ idea is to virtually connect humanity in a sort of  Matrix who would assign cryptocurrencies or meal vouchers only to those who perform the assigned activities, and are connected to the system. And, if for any reason, the Microsoft system believed that the person would not be performing the assigned task correctly, or was plotting against power, that person would not receive enough to live on. This idea of ​​cryptocurrency and  cryptocompensation  thrilled the Chinese president,  Xi Jinping , who decided to enter into partnership with  the digital identity project , based on the microchip financed by the father of Microsoft. We know that  Giuseppe Conte  is a 5-star man  , and that he received a call from Bill Gates. We know that the Grillino movement  is supported by Microsoft’s policy on  democracy and financial management practices . It is not heresy to claim that these are boys who dream of  Big Brother . The project is there for all to see: a Chineseized society, in which castes are created based on the usability of IT supports.

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